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ASDSA 2022: Digital Escape Rooms: Unlocking Student Engagement is a Course

ASDSA 2022: Digital Escape Rooms: Unlocking Student Engagement

1 credit

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Full course description

UAA ED 565.510

1 credit, $104

Dates: Asynchronous (No synchronous Zoom sessions: Course opens May 24th-June 3rd)

Instructors:  Michaela Moore

Description: Students of all ages and levels love to play games and escape! A digital escape room is the best way to help teach new concepts or to assess what concepts the students have learned because the engagement is always high and excitement permeates the classroom. And this course will teach you how to create these engaging challenges using all FREE applications, especially from Google. The win-win to this course is that you will learn to use so many tricks with Google Draw, Google Slides, Google Sites, and Jamboard, that will supercharge all your digital instruction! The other upside is that this course is totally asynchronous and organized so that as you learn and grow you create step-by-step an awesome escape room that you will be able to use right away! No effort you put forth in this class will be wasted practice. It will all go toward your ending project! 

Special Instructor Note: Please be aware that even though this course is asynchronous, it is not a course that can be completed in one or two concentrated days. You will need to work a little at a time throughout the course dates to be able to learn, discuss, and complete the assignments that will build your escape room.