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ASDSA 2022: Choice Boards: Engagement through Differentiation is a Course

ASDSA 2022: Choice Boards: Engagement through Differentiation

1 credit

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Full course description

UAA ED 575.501

1 credit, $104

Dates: Asynchronous (No synchronous Zoom sessions: Opens May 24th-June 3rd)

Instructors: Sara Legate

Description: This course will focus on learning how to create and utilize a variety of differentiation activities that increase student engagement and participation in your coursework. Participants will discover how to incorporate authentic formative assessments such as Choice Boards, Menu Assignments, Tic-Tac-Toe and RAFT writing into their curriculum. We will also investigate how to plan and incorporate intentional differentiation, provide guidelines for activities, engagement strategies that offer students a flexible and supportive learning environment that fosters academic success.