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ASDSA 2022: Alaska's Natural Resources is a Course

ASDSA 2022: Alaska's Natural Resources

1 credit

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Full course description

UAA ED 580.503

1 credit, $104

Dates: Asynchronous (No synchronous Zoom sessions: Course opens May 24th-June 3rd)

Instructors:  Beki Toussaint, Taylor Ferguson

Description: An exploration of Alaska and its natural resources. This course will cover: Introduction to Alaska’s land, Rocks and Minerals, Mining, Energy and Electricity, Non-renewables, Renewables, Energy conservation and costs, Careers and training, and how they all fit together. Each unit will consist of recorded “guest speakers” all of which are professionals from various industries. The goal of this class is twofold – 1. Educate teachers about the vast resources of Alaska and how they play an integral part in our lives, 2. As an introduction to the program as this class is also available to be co-taught in the classroom to students in partnership with Alaska Resource Education educators.